Dynamic Handmade 100% Cotton Drawstring Laundry/ Storage Bags

Dynamic Handmade 100% Cotton Drawstring Laundry/ Storage Bags

Dazoriginal is extremely proud of our European Handmade 100% Cotton Laundry / Storage bags with drawstring and carry strap feature.
Our unique laundry bags are made from premium 100% cotton material and hand sewn to the highest standards. Our laundry bags are unique in size, variety of patterns and colours. The most unique feature is the comfortable carry strap that enables easy transportation and use of the bag.
The bag can easily be hung on any hook or handle and looks beautiful in all settings. The beautiful material and design discreetly hide laundry while displayed in a convenient location.
Dazoriginal Laundry bags have become increasingly popular in all European countries especially in the following sectors:
Boat owners
Yacht owners
Rental agencies
Holiday letting agencies
Vacation homes
Home Use
College and University Students
Nurses and Doctors

There are endless uses for our Cotton drawstring Storage bags from car storage, home storage, travel, toys, laundry, clothes storage, baby clothes, baby laundry and nursery room decoration to many other personal needs for a easy to use discreet laundry or storage bag!
We are always here to serve your personal and unique needs to help you succeed. Please contact us if you require wholesale or bulk discounts for any of our products. We are also able to customize most of our Dazoriginal manufactured products for your personal needs if requested.

Share happiness and joy wherever you go....:)

We have Free Shipping to Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK and all other EU Countries!

We also manufacture small and medium size bags of the same design and material.

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