What is a Baseball Cap

What is a Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a soft cap with a rounded stiff brim. The front of the cap normally has logos or designs on it but can also be left plain for everyday wear. The back of the cap can be fitted to one size, or have plastic snaps that are adjustable to the wearer's head size or it may have a Velcro or elastic adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different size heads. Traditionally baseball caps are a part of the baseball uniforms however they are often seen in everyday casual wear.

During the 1860’s a baseball team known as the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore the original baseball cap which was soft and had a long brim or “bill” with a botton on the top of the cap. In the 1900’s the baseball caps became known as the “Brooklyn style” cap and its popularity took off.

In the 1940’s latex rubber was developed and began to be used on the inside of the cap to stiffen it; which is how the modern day baseball cap was created. The original baseball cap was very floppy and unstructured due to the time period, however as industry evolved the baseball cap became more structured and perfected as a timeless protective and stylish cap. Baseball caps are an important part of sports teams as it not only identifies the team with the colors and logos printed on them but it protects the player’s heads from the sun and damaging UV rays.

The basic original shape, including the curved peak, is similar to some styles of 19th century sun bonnets but has evolved into the cap we all know and love today (see our leather baseball caps on Amazon).

Original, baseball caps only came in standard hat sizes and could not be adjusted. However, since 1980, it has been possible to get a cap in a one-size-fits-all form, with an adjustment strap in the back. This style of cap is commonly called snapback and has become increasingly popular as fashion accessories.

At the beginning of the 2014 season the MLB pitchers are permitted to wear a special reinforced cap to protect their heads from line drives. Baseball caps are the most commonly used hat by private security companies as a cheap, practical piece of uniform headgear.

It is clear that the baseball cap is favored by the military, police, business’, athletic teams and as a go to casual wear mens hat, womens hat, or unisex hat with many variaties to choose from.

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