About Us



Dazoriginal is the dream and life savings of my husband and myself. After working as an accountant for over 10 years and having two beautiful children, I said enough is enough!

My children were being raised by daycares and schools the most time I was able to spend with them was when they home due to illness.

I wanted to teach my children, play with them, care for them and raise them to be caring, bold, loving honest people.

My husband and I decided to move to Bulgaria and risk everything for a better future for our children. It was a hard and trying time over 3 years of working 100 hours a week and living on our savings only.

We travelled to small towns around Bulgaria and partnered with small craftsmen who agreed to hand craft unique products for Dazoriginal. I also created the Dazoriginal brand and began manufacturing our own 100% Premium Cotton products handmade in Europe by Dazoriginal.

I personally have designed and sourced all Dazoriginal products with the highest standards in both quality and value. I love what we do and use every single product we sell in my home and family life. I think we should support small business and invest in people as well as get the best value for our money.

I am constantly working on new and innovative products that will better people’s, lives by making the day to day routine of life more fun and easy! I love organization, cotton, family, quality and style. I hope to share my passion for all things fun and stylish with the world and hopefully leave the story to my 2 children to continue.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you…

Hugs and Love